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About Poultrac Tag-a-Shed

New generation Technology replacing old age system of recording performance data.

It is a unique an integrated system that permits data sharing with permission of the farmer with stakeholders in value chain.Saife Vetmed, India in collaboration with Vetware has launched a major initiative to digitalize poultry farms and connect it directly to the operational office for providing real time data in a processed form. The service is available for all classes of Poultry including Hatchery..

How to do it ?

Step 1

 Download the App from Google PlayStore

Step 2

 Tag Your Shed

Step 3

 Register Your Shed

Step 4

 Put data through App

Step 5

 Receive Real Time Processed Data

Step 6

 Take Informed Action & Improve Productivity

About Saife Vetmed

Saife Vetmed is a team of young professionals, whose collective motto is to contribute in the development of animal health care sector through sharing existing knowledge/ technology/ services with those in need of it. Know More

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